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Areas of Expertise


Counselling is a good place to share and explore our feelings. When we are truly heard by someone who is understanding, empathic and compassionate it allows us to start healing. Within the safety of the non judgemental space I offer, you will have the opportunity to share anything that needs to be shared.

Transactional Analysis & Coaching

The shared language of TA can be something you take away from therapy and keep with you; even when our time together ends. My belief, as a Transactional Analyst, is that you already know what you need to know and my part is to help you to discover it.

There is a simplicity that TA brings to the complexities and the difficulties that we experience. This can be useful to facilitate a change in lifestyle, career progression or personal development. TA is widely used in business organisations to promote healthier working relationships and find strategies of moving the business forward by addressing what is holding it back.


Therapy aims to tackle deeper issues or patterns of behaviour that have resulted from difficulties in childhood, or trauma related incidents. This includes unhealthy relationships with others, a dependence on coping, or surviving mechanisms rather than being able to live. If you feel like you are surviving rather than living I will offer a protective and permission giving space where we use the alliance to work through the things that no longer serve you in the here and now. 

My Approach

I come to sessions with my knowledge and training and a willingness to be in the moment with you. I am a relational practitioner and believe that a good working alliance is built on trust and compassion. I have a deep respect for difference and a curiosity that is playful and creative. I am passionate about having the freedom to shine in our uniqueness and speak our truth.

I am client led, and that means I'll be walking with you as we explore. It also means that the session's will be as unique as each person I work with; it's about finding what is going to work best for you. There is no limit to the number of sessions you have; you may feel one session is enough, or you may want to experience longer term work. This will depend on your unique experience and I offer a collaborative contracting process that will encourage the naming of what you wish to gain and how I can help you achieve it.


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My Approach
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